DoS defense

Now this site is free from small DoS attack. I use iptables, evasive and some other techs to protect this site. Though any site with SSL and no good CPU has to suffer from RSA handshake, but iptables will kill DoS conns before it. So I think any DoS attacker with only one ip cannot do anything to it now. Cheers!

New server for new app

Well, a new linode server w LUKS has been build to support this website and a branch of new applications. Build a LUKS encrypted system on a VPS is a really interesting experience. However, sometimes it seems stupid to do so. As an admin who record every keystroke will easily record the password I entered to encrypt the disk. But my password is not for Linode, but for their HDD replace worker, Security near server etc..  I do not think Linode publicly record custom’s keystroke in their lish console. So if they record it privately, it will be only available to a little part of their organization. So that if a disgraceful programmer wanted to record every files created in all of the Linode system, he will not get my password to done it, though I’m not sure.

Of course, everyone who want to get the LUKS key can do it by analyse the memory. But it needs time and attention. So, hopefully, if people can put very sensitive like customers credit card number on Linode server without any encrypt, of course I can put my diary on it with double encrypt.

Hello world!

It’s my hello-world post in my site, cheers!